Virtual animation

Accessibility for people with a disability through the mystical world of experience

After ariving at the mountain station of the cable car Hoher Kasten, a newly installed virtual animation inside the tunnel will place guests under its magical spell. Mystical sounds accompanied by colorful, moving projections on the walls of the widened tunnel set completely new artistic acoustic and visual accents. Now it is also possible to look behind and into the shaft with the tension weight of the ropeway.

In two construction stages, the existing tunnel was widened to make room for a new inclined elevator. With the new elevator, the Hoher Kasten is now accessible for people with disability from the valley station to the revolving restaurant. The elevator transports twelve passengers or four wheelchairs simultaneously through the 29-meter tunnel.

The new periscope at the upper end of the tunnel has a fascinating effect on many guests. The Vorarlberg and Tyrolean mountains are “brought into the tunnel” with a sophisticated reflection and awaken a pleasant anticipation of the fantastic all-round view at the summit of the Hoher Kasten.

The staging was designed by an artist community under the direction of Rk-Studio GmbH from Biel and was put into operation on August 13, 2021 during a vernissage.

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