Alpine Garden

The impressive and easily accessible Alpine Garden was created around the summit. With 15 adventure boards, you can discover around 300 native plant species.

Europa Rundweg Circular Trail

All of Europe is at your feet along the new circular trail. The path circles the striking silhouette of the tip of the Kasten and is shovelled free of snow daily in the winter.


The gateway to the Alpstein region is found on Hoher Kasten. Plan one of the many varied tour options in the most well-developed hiking area in the Alps.


After a strenuous hike in the Alpstein, you can rent a scooter or kickbike from the Ruhesitz mountain inn to Brülisau. You will love the rapid descent through the valley.


Hoher Kasten – the mountain for those who want to be challenged. Whether for beginners or experienced paragliders, a flight from Hoher Kasten is a high-altitude experience.

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