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Hoher Kasten

The most beautiful 360° panorama in the Alpstein region is found on Hoher Kasten. It’s practical, too, that you can comfortably ride the cableway up the mountain.


The striking rock formation of the Kreuzberge is a popular spot for landscape photographers and Instagrammers. Let this magical place enchant you.


The very striking summit with steeply sloping walls is a dream of a summit and is often photographed together with the Staubern mountain inn.


The mountain between the St. Gallen Rhine Valley and Appenzell Innerrhoden. Fascinating pictures of its neighbour, Hoher Kasten, are often taken from here.


The summit can be reached via a short hiking trail. Many sunset views and foggy shots are captured from here – simply a dream!


The Alpstein fjord. Nestled between precipitous rock faces, the almost black water of the lake enchants visitors with its constantly changing reflections.


The one-hour hike from Brülisau to the Sämtisersee lake is always worthwhile, because here you will find peace and relaxation.


An idyllic, natural ‘lakelet’ in the middle of nature. The small lake is surrounded by conifers and couldn’t be more mystical.

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