Geological Hiking Trail

Geological Hiking Trail

On the trail of the earth's history

The incomparable Geological Panorama Trail runs along the gentle but partly also exposed ridge from Hoher Kasten via Staubern past Saxerlücke to Bollenwees. Every few meters you discover new views and vistas. Over 300 peaks are visible near and far. But also the view into the Rhine valley, the Alpstein and the Appenzellerland tempt you to stop every now and then, to let your soul dangle and your thoughts run free.

The geological processes that have formed the Alpstein are explained in an easily understandable way on 15 information boards for hikers interested in geology.

The imposing rock formations of the Keuzberg and the two mountain lakes, Fälensee and Sämtisersee round off this hike.

Mountains Inns

On the way or in the nearbay you will find the following Mountain Inns:

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