Lake and Scooter

Lake and Scooter

Hoher Kasten - Sämtisersee Lake - Ruhesitz - Brülisau

For this hike, you first take the cableway up to the Hoher Kasten from Brülisau. As you pass lush green meadows, you’ll be able to savour the beautiful landscape after just a few metres. Once you’ve reached the top, the mountain world lies at your feet. From the peak, we recommend you start by enjoying the breathtaking view over the Alpstein, the Rhine valley, all the way to Lake Constance.

Now the hike can begin! After a short, steep stretch from the Hoher Kasten to the Kastensattel, the route continues both uphill and downhill towards Staubern. The two sides offer views that could hardly be more different. To the south, the Rhine meanders between Austria, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland. To the north, the mighty Alpstein with the lovely Appenzell region in the background provides breathtaking scenery.

When you reach Wenneli, you’ll start descending towards the Sämtisersee – Plattenbödeli. After about an hour of hiking, you’ll arrive at the Sämtisersee. On the northern banks, you’ll come across a public fire pit. If you continue hiking for a few more minutes, you’ll arrive at the Plattenbödeli mountain inn. From here, you could opt for a very steep descent straight to Brülisau. However, to avoid knee pain, we recommend the flat trail across the Alp Soll, past the dairy, to the Ruhesitz mountain inn. Here, you can recharge your batteries once more for the rest of the hike. But tired hikers can also glide down the rest of the path with a scooter.

Finally, you’ll arrive back in Brülisau. You can round off the day here with tasty dessert at the restaurant Rössli.

Mountain Inns

Mountain inns along the way (in order):

  • Revolving restaurant Hoher Kasten
  • Alpwirtschaft Rohr (a bit of a detour)
  • Mountain Inn Plattenbödeli (near Sämtisersee Lake)
  • Alpkäserei Soll (own products from the alp)
  • Mountain Inn Ruhesitz (Scooter rental)
  • Guest House Rössli (Brülisau)
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